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Halal beef sausage

August 28, 2021
Halal beef sausage, also known as La Chang, is an ingredient that is commonly used in Chinese dishes. It is known for opening up the appetite and easy combination with other kinds of vegetables.

La Chang is the Chinese pinyin that stands for flavored sausage. It is basically meat mixed well with spices and turned into the shape of the sausage. The outer coat of the halal la chang can either be a synthetic one or goat intestine skin, small intestine skin is better. 

beef sausage (la chang) cut into slices

Chinese muslims in the US like me love to make these beef sausages at home because after getting all the required ingredients and materials, we can make it, then store it for a long time and make lots of dishes in between. The meat that is used here is similar to keema, but it does require more fat as you can see. If condition allows, it's better to take a big piece of beef, get rid of the tendons, bones, and skin. Lean meat are make into keema using the meat grinder. Fat portion is cut into 0.6-1.0 cubic centimer sizes, rinsed. 

Now we can make the sauce for the beef sausage: 13 spices powder (shi san xiang), salt 1000 grams, granulated sugar 500 grams, five spices powder 400 grams, msg 150 grams, ginger powder, soy sauce. You can slo put other spices like anise 10 grams, fennel 10 grams, cinnamon powder 20 grams, angelica dahurica 20 grams, cloves 10 grams.

After mixing the spices with the meat, add in 5% warm water gradually, then marinating for one to two hours. Now for the sausage coat, we will use halal goat small intestine that is stretchy. Using a sausage filler machine, fill in a portion in the coat, tie it tightly, then use thin needle to let go of air. Repeat this step until you have made multiple sausages. 

Lastly, wash the beef sausages with 35 degree Celsius clean water, hang them under harsh sunlight for 2 to 3 days in the day time, night time take them to the oven to bake them, temperature should be controlled at 40 to 60 degree Celsius. After 3 nights of baking and exposing under the sun, place them in a well ventilated place for 10-15 days, then you get your La Chang.

Beef sausage contains fat, protein and carbohydrate, intaking beef sausage can open up your appetite. Beef sausage can give us energy since the main ingredient is beef, it is very nutritious and provide us with essential nutritions. It also prevents anemia due to all kinds of nutritious substances. Children, pregnant women, elderly, people with high blood lipid should not eat or should limit the intake. People with kidney and liver illness should not eat La Chang. 

Beef sausage can be combined and made with a lot of ingredients including: corns, broccoli, peas, edamame, bok choy, shiitake, all varieties of mushrooms. To get a variety of the mushrooms, check out my other recipe fungus hotpot, where you will find various kinds of mushrooms. 

I will teach you a very simple, 10 minute recipe:

In this dish we will need one halal beef sausage, broccoli 200 grams, carrots 50 grams, salt, ginger pieces, chicken essence powder, sesame oil, starch. This dish tastes light salty, we only need a wok, and it only take 10 minutes.

First we wash all the ingredients and cut them into smaller pieces. Then we boil the water, pour the broccoli pieces into the boiled water, sprinkle little bit of salt and few drops of oil, for less the one minute. Run the broccoli under cold water and drain the water. Heat the wok, pour in oil, stir fry the beef sausage slices and carrot slices, pour the broccoli in and keep stiring. At the end, put salt, chicken essence, starch with water, and sesame oil. There goes a 10 minute beef sausage recipe. 

Beef sausage has the function of opening up your appetite, so we can devour all the broccolis, which can prevent cancer, it is such a simple, fast, delicious and beneficial dish for us!

Q: What's the point of adding salt and oil when you put broccoli in the boiling water?

A: It can prevent the loss of nutrition from the broccoli, as well as maintain its aamzing greenish color, making the dish look more appealing.

Q: What's starch with water?

We called the process of putting starch with water into the dish called "gou qian". So we basically mix the starch with warm water, stir it well, then pour it into the pan/wok. You will see colored thickened soup forming in just one second. This is for flavoring as well as gathering the watery soup and turn them into sticky thick state.