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Bee Shaped Rice Balls Fall in love with spring

March 22, 2024
"Bee Shaped Rice Balls" presents a delightful and simple recipe suitable for those adhering to Halal dietary guidelines. This creative dish combines the versatility of rice with a playful presentation reminiscent of bees. The recipe likely includes instructions on cooking rice to a sticky consistency, shaping it into small balls, and decorating them to resemble bees with black sesame seeds or nori strips for stripes and slivered almonds for wings. This recipe not only offers a visually appealing dish but also provides an enjoyable cooking experience for all skill levels. Perfect for family gatherings, parties, or a fun culinary experiment, these bee-shaped rice balls are sure to create buzz and excitement at the table.

Recently I want to make rice balls. I saw the little bees rice balls on Little Red Book, they are really cute. I happen to have a seaweed emoji I bought on Taobao at home. Today I am going to make two bee rice balls and give it a try.

[Ingredients required to make bee rice balls]

Egg yolk, rice, seaweed emulsion, tomato sauce, cheese slices, noodles, green beans

【Production Method】

1. Prepare egg yolk and white rice, stir them together until they turn yellow

2. Take the amount of rice you like and use plastic wrap to shape it into a ball (oblate shape is best)

3. Take the eyes and mouth and the black stripes of the bee pressed out with the seaweed emoticon.

4. Apply the expression and garnish with ketchup to make blush

5. Paste cheese slices to make wings

6. Add green beans to the baked pasta and it’s done

I don’t have any Italian at home this time, so I used other noodles, and the effect is not bad, so sisters who are interested can use it as they like and be happy.

Children generally like these cute and stylish rice balls, which will help them eat more rice. Our older brothers and younger brothers will still say wow when they see them and think they are very good!

⚠️Warm reminder⚠️

Remember not to use toothpicks instead of pasta (noodles), because baked pasta can be eaten, but toothpicks cannot, be careful as children may be injured!

I bought my seaweed emoticon from Taobao, I saw it is also available on SHEIN For sale, I will post the name information and item number of the product below👇👇

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combines the egg yolk with the rice
mix well
mold them into shape of the bee
prepare few green peas
seaweed emoticon
I made 2 bees
bee shaped rice ball