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North American lazy version of Chive Box No need to knead the dough and roll the dough

March 24, 2024
Introducing the North American lazy version of Chive Box - a game-changer for busy food enthusiasts! With no kneading or rolling required, this simplified recipe offers all the deliciousness of traditional Chive Boxes with minimal effort. Say goodbye to time-consuming prep and hello to effortless culinary delight!

Hello everyone~

Today I will share with you a simple version of the leek box recipe that I like.

No need to knead the dough, its super easy and can be done in five minutes.


1. Spring roll wrapper (available in the freezer of the Chinese Super League)

2. A handful of leeks

3. Three eggs

4. A bunch of vermecelli


1. Wash and chop leeks

2. Beat the eggs, fry them and chop them into pieces

3. Soak the vermicelli in hot water until soft and then chop into pieces

4. Put all the ingredients together and add 3 spoons of oil, half a spoon of pepper, 2 spoons of salt, and half a spoon of chicken essence.(Leeks tend to become watery after adding salt, so wrap them as soon as possible)

5. After everything is mixed evenly, you can start wrapping! This filling can be used to make leek boxes or dumplings!

6. Wrap the two spring roll wrappers and two tablespoons of filling as shown in Figure 4.

7. Brush the pan with oil and fry both sides until golden brown. The outer skin of the leek box made in this way is very thin and crisp~ The inner layer of spring roll skin is very chewy and locks in the moisture in the leek and egg filling~

figure 1
figure 2
figure 3
wrapping up the chive box
pan frying the chive box
until golden brown on both sides