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Spicy clams

Spicy clams

The best way to cover the seafood smell would be to use the stronger spice to cook it. This clam dish is so good with various types of chili and other spices. Learn this dish today and start cooking it like never before!

Prep Time


Prep Time

Prep Time

Cook Time

Cook Time



Total Time
Total Time
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Big slotted spoon


Cutting board




Tabasco pepper (or dried chilli pepper)

Red pickled peppers

Green onion



Sichuan peppercorn

Soy sauce


Granualted white sugar

Oyster sauce

Chilli oil


  1. Clean up the clam. The fresh clams straight from the sea will for sure have a better taste but it involves more cleaning and scrubbing than those frozen ones.
  2. Pour all the clams into the clean pot, not adding anything, no water also, cook on medium fire. Put the lid on while it is cooking.
  3. Maybe in around 5 minutes, the clams will all open up. Now use the big slotted spoon to take out the clams and put in the plate, or bowl or pots, whatever you like.
  4. Regarding the leftover soup, it's actually very fresh. You can use it to boil the noodle. If you are using fresh clams, there might be sands in the soup so you probably would not want to use this as soup base.
  5. Chop up the garlic, green onion, ginger, red pickled pepper, Tabasco pepper.
  6. Heat up the pan, then pour in the oil.
  7. Put in the garlic, green onion, ginger, Sichuan peppercorn, Tabasco pepper. We don't put in the red pickled pepper yet because they might make the dish too spicy.
  8. After the spices are cooked and the delicious smell come out, then pour in the red pickled pepper and fry couple of more rounds.
  9. Next pour in all the clams, flip the wok up and down couple of times.
  10. Put in soy sauce, granulated white sugar, vinegar, stir fry.
  11. Pour in oyster sauce, chili oil, stir fry.

The clams are so juicy and the meat tastes so delicious and fresh. The chili spice mix with the dish so well, and it can help release the clam taste the most.

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