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Spicy chicken noodles

Spicy chicken noodles

Spicy chicken noodle is a dish that never gets old. I personally prefer spicy food in winter as it brings warmness to the body. This dish is very simple to make and only needs three simple ingredients.

Prep Time


Prep Time

Prep Time

40 min
Cook Time

Cook Time

25 min


Total Time
Total Time
1 hr 5 min
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Fry pan

Mixing bowl

Cutting board



Boneless chicken legs

Romain lettuce




Oyster sauce

Soy sauce

Dark soy sauce

Granulated sugar



Recently I've been staying at home, feeling lousy and not being so attentive to cooking. I've been mostly cooking easy and fast dishes. This is one of the dishes that I cooked since I saw there are some chicken legs and romaine lettuce in the fridge.

I first had to thaw the chicken legs, while it is being thawed, I washed the romaine lettuce, and made the sauce that will be used to cook the chicken. Sauce to cook the chicken: one spoon of oyster sauce + two spoons of soy sauce + one spoon of dark soy sauce + one spoon of granulated sugar + one spoon of salt + two spoons of water. Mix well all the sauce ingredients.

Boil the water in a medium pot, when the water is boiling, put in the desired amount of noodles. Don't put in too much noodle in the pot as it can absorb the amount of water in the pot and eventually get stuck together in the pot. Make sure there are plenty of water for boiling the noodle.

For noodle type, I would normally recommend dry egg noodles or Chinese dry noodles. I sometimes purchase them in the Chinese market but it's hard to find Asian market in the non Chinese populated cities like New York, San Francisco. But don't worry you can always buy on Amazon! Here I'll recommend the following two dry noodles:

This is the dry ramen noodle in Shandong style. The ingredients are wheat flour, cold water and salt. Let's take a look at the nutritional facts, it is fairly healthy compared to other ramen noodles. Since it is literally dried noodle made of wheat flour. There is also cooking tips showing you how to properly cook the noodle. The noodle can be used to make cold noodle dish or hot soup noodle dish, no fried noodle because this is not fried noodle.

Egg noodle tend to be thinner and round compared to Shan Dong noodle which is flat and has medium width. It is very good for babies and it is one of the most frequent dishes Chinese mothers cook for their babies as it is so soft and easy to digest.

Now back to the recipe, cut the chicken legs meat off the bone and then cut them into small pieces. Put in one spoon of 13 spices, and one spoon of starch to marinate for 5 minutes. The following is Wang Shouyi 13 spices, you can purchase it on Amazon, the 13 spices include purple cardamon, cinnamon, clove, amomum fruit, cinnamon, pepper, aniseed, fennel, angelica, radix aucklandiae, three nai, galangai and ginger. It is very good for marinating meat, seasoning soups and for stir fried vegetables.

Heat up the pan with sesame oil, put in ginger and garlic pieces, let the smell out, after that, put in the marinated chicken leg pieces and cook them until the color is golden. Put our mixed sauce over then cook for one minute.

By now the noodle should be done boiling, we only need to boil it for around 7 minutes until they are soft. pour them in the skillet. After chicken is fully cooked, we can turn off the fire. Put the romaine lettuce pieces in boiled water and take them out. We are basically done with the dish, now all we have to do is to put them in order in each bowl.

First put the noodle at the bottom, then the chicken on right top, then the romaine lettuce on left top. Pour in some hot water that is used to boil the noodle. Lastly, put in one or multiple spoons of hot chilli oil depending on your preference. It would be even better if you can put couple of hot red chilli on the dish to get that spicy feeling going!

Above is the Lee Kum Kee chilli oil, just put a little bit in each dish can add a special flavor.

Homemade yogurt

After the spicy chicken noodle dish, have a bowl of homemade yogurt, you would feel so content!

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