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Red Bean Icecream


Red Bean Icecream

This is a traditional Chinese dessert. It is made with red beans, sugar, and milk. Usually, it has a vanilla flavor but you can use other flavors if you want to. The ice cream can be eaten on its own or used as filling for cakes and other desserts.

Prep Time


3 people
Prep Time

Prep Time

1 hr
Cook Time

Cook Time

5 min


Total Time
Total Time
1 hr 5 min
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Ice maker

Icecream maker


3/4 cup of whole milk

1/4 cup of soft cream

3 spoons of maple syrup

red bean paste

2/5 monk fruit powder


Step 1:

Make Red Beans Paste (you can buy canned ones if you don't reduce sugar):

1.1 Prepare 2 cups of red beans and soak them overnight.

1.2 Add 5 cups of water, simmer for 1 hour on medium-low heat (slow cooker or anything can be used here, I am trying to test a new caraway pot).

1.3 Drain the boiled red beans, put them in the container, add 2/5 cup of monk fruit powder (this is a sugar substitute and will not produce blood sugar), crush and stir (if you are looking for a delicate taste, crush it directly with a blender).

1.4 Divide the plate to cool (I divided a small bottle for daily use, mix it with yogurt or put it in matcha latte).

Step 2: Mix and stir

2.1 Find a bigger container, add 3/4 cup of whole milk, 1/4 cup of soft cream, 3 spoons of maple syrup, and red bean paste.

2.2 Stir, and then judge whether the sweetness is enough according to the taste (I added 1/6 cup of monk fruit powder here.

Step 3: Make the ice cream

3.1 Put the mixed raw materials into the ice maker and press the button to start the machine.

3.2 After the ice cream is complete, put it in the container and put it in the refrigerator. Be sure to try a mouthful of a spoon!

soak the red bean in water
boiling the red bean
Mix the red bean with sugar
Mashed Red Bean Paste
Package the Red Bean Paste
Mix Red Bean with Cream and Milk
Mix all the milk and cream with red bean
Icecream Maker

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