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Fungus Hotpot (Junzi Huoguo)


Fungus Hotpot (Junzi Huoguo)

Fungus Hot pot, as known as Jun Zi Hot pot, is a famous dish originated from Yunnan Province in China. Basically, this Hot pot uses chicken stock as the soup base, with the various ingredients added into it, and of course the most important material: all kinds of mushrooms. It brings out the fragrance and tastiness of the mushrooms, especially with their fresh tastes and slimy texture. This is a must have on cold winter days.

Prep Time


4 People
Prep Time

Prep Time

3 hrs 30 mins
Cook Time

Cook Time

1 hr 30 mins


Total Time
Total Time
5 hrs
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  1. Kitchenware for Hot pot
  2. Pot holder
  3. Bone cutting knife and cutting board


  1. Porcini (Penning Bun)
  2. Shiitake
  3. Chicken with bones
  4. Chinese dried Goji berries
  5. Chinese red date


Fungus Hot pot, also known as mushroom hotpot, Chinese Pinyin is Junzi Guo, 菌子锅. It is a delicious dish with the main ingredients of chicken and mushroom. If you would like to see a video recipe for it first, you may do so, or you can just jump ahead to read the recipe.

Boiling Jun Zi Hot pot
  1. Preparation work: rinse and soak: rinse the dried porcini, shiitake, bamboo fungus and matsuke. add water into a bowl and soak for 2 hours prior to cooking.
  2. Cut and boil: cut chicken into appropriate sizes and boil them under cold water then rinse them off.
  3. Boil and mix: boil the water in a large pot, put the chicken pieces inside, add around 1500 mL of water as soup base. The amount of water depends on how many mushrooms you are adding. You can also add more water if you want to use this soup to cook vegetables and noodles later on.
  4. Boil the porcini, shiitake mushrooms under high heat. At the same time, wash oyster mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, and coprinus comatus mushrooms.
  5. Wash the bamboo fungus and matsuke that have been soaked.
  6. Put the spices into the pot: black cardamom, Amomum Costatum (Tso Guo), Amomum fruits (Sha Ren)
  7. Put in all your mushrooms and let the pot simmer!

Wait....what about the spices? What do I put in the soup? Normally, we just put some salt, Sichuan peppercorn, Chinese red Goji berries, red date, etc..

There is a dipping sauce available if you would like to make it and add it to your dish. The dipping sauce consists of soy sauce, garlic pase, chilli, sesame paste, etc.. some simple ingredients would just be fine.

Here is a list of common mushrooms we see in the US that can also help you make this amazing dish:

  • Button mushroom or white mushroom
  • Cremini mushroom or baby Bella mushrooms
  • Portobello/portobella mushroom (Adult/grown version of baby Bella mushrooms)
  • Oyster mushroom
  • Shiitake (shee-TAH-kee) mushroom
  • Enoki (eh-NOH-kee) mushroom / Golden needle
  • King oyster mushroom / king trumpet, can get it in Whole Foods, or Asian food market
  • Shimeji Mushroom (shi-MEH-jee) / Beech mushroom
  • Chanterelle (shan-tuh-REL) mushroom (wild edible msuhroom)
  • Porcini (por-CHEE-nee) / King Bolete (bow-Leet). You can most likely find the dried versions in your local stores.
  • Morel (muh-REL)
  • Lobster mushroom
  • Matsutake (mah-tsuh-TAH-kee) mushroom / pine mushroom
  • Straw mushroom (you can get them in a can)
  • Maitake (mar-Tah-kee) mushroom, Hen of the Woods

If you are using the regular mushroom, remember to put in some monosodium glutamate (MSG), as it can help bring out a lot of flavors.

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