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Healthy and quick home cooking: delicious steamed European bass 🐟

Healthy and quick home cooking: delicious steamed European bass 🐟

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2 people
Prep Time

Prep Time

5 min
Cook Time

Cook Time

15 min


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European bass


green onion


Lee Kum Kee’s Steamed Fish Soy Sauce


I went to Costco on the weekend and bought branzino Raised in Greece European sea bass, which was very clean, $8.99/lb, minimum purchase of three! It's very good, the meat is tender and delicate, and I made steamed sea bass without stopping when I came back. Don't miss the delicious ones, the taste is all in! Healthy and fast, you can eat it in less than half an hour! The dish is kitchen newbie friendly and you will never fail cooking this dish!

Remember to use Lee Kum Kee’s Steamed Fish Soy Sauce👍Healthy and delicious✌️Don’t look at the few ingredients in this recipe, basically it’s just steamed fish soy sauce with onion and ginger, to keep the original flavor of the fish to the maximum! The meat is very tender and super tasty😋 eat alone. Don't be too addicted to it!


European bass:

1. Wash the fish and dry the water, cut a few knives on the back of the fish

2. Rub the fish body with a little lemon and salt

3. Cut the ginger and spread the green onion on the body and belly of the fish.

4. Steam in boiling water and high heat for about 10 minutes, then do not rush to open the lid, wait for 2-3 minutes before opening the lid and the fish will come out, pour out the water in the plate, then remove the ginger and spring onion that was spread on it, put the fish Transfer to a new plate.

5. Drizzle with steamed fish drum oil, and put new shredded ginger and green onion on the fish.

6. Turn on the fire and burn some hot oil. When the oil smokes, turn off the fire and pour it on the fish. The smell of onion and ginger will be released immediately. The taste is so fragrant!

Tips: Shredded scallions will curl up after being soaked in water, and it looks more beautiful when placed on steamed fish!

delicious European bass
when fish was bought and cleaned
ready to steam the fish
steaming the fish with Buydeem steamer
ginger, green onion and seasoned soy sauce for seafood
pouring the sauce
eating the steamed fish

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