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Halal Yellow Split Pea Cake

Halal Yellow Split Pea Cake

Halal Yellow Split Pea Cake is a popular dish in Malaysia. It is made of yellow split peas and eggs. The eggs are beaten, mixed with flour, and fried until they form a golden crust. The dish is served hot with curry sauce. Halal Yellow Split Pea Cake is a traditional Chinese food that dates back to the Song Dynasty. It is made with yellow split peas and glutinous rice flour and has a sweet flavor. The dish is often eaten during the Chinese New Year to bring good luck in the upcoming year.

Prep Time


3 people
Prep Time

Prep Time

30 min
Cook Time

Cook Time

30 min


Total Time
Total Time
60 min
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Cooking pot

High speed blender


Yellow split peas

Sugar of all forms


Halal Yellow Split Pea Cake is nothing special to describe: a delicate, refreshing, and slightly sweet, pea-flavored little pastry. The taste has no toughness, no elastic, and no crispy or dry fragrance. It is a relatively moist and slightly sticky powder cake. The moist version melts in your mouth. The taste is dominated by the fragrance of peas. If you love peas, you can't go wrong.


  1. Peeled yellow peas: This is too important, peeled and dried yellow peas, with it, you don't need to deal with anything, it is the basis of pea yellow! We forgot to find it in the Chinese supermarket and bought it directly on Amazon. $8 for 2.2 lbs, this is enough to just give it a try.
  2. Sugar: white sugar, rock sugar, and soft white sugar can be used, only for flavoring
  3. Water
  4. Cooking pot: for boiling the yellow peas
  5. High-speed blender: If you have it at home, use it. The finished product is very delicate. It is definitely more convenient than manual sieving

【Basic process】

Wash the beans 👉Add sugar 👉Add water 👉Boil bean porridge 👉 Grind bean paste 👉Stand to wait for forming 👉Eat

The boiled pea mash will solidify naturally when it cools down. The sugar is only for seasoning. As long as you don’t put too much water, it will definitely be formed. If you want to fail, it will not work.

The basic volume ratio provided by the old rice bone is dry peas: soft white sugar: water = 2:1:2. The comment said that it is a bit sweet, I suggest that everyone add sugar according to their own feelings. Not sure if my beans are drier, the volume ratio I actually use is, dry peas: water = 2:3

【My operation】

1 Wash the peas: pick out the bad beans and rinse them, I didn't soak them at all

2 Weighing white sugar: There is no white sugar at home. I used rock sugar, thinking that its volume is incomparable to soft white sugar, I just put the amount that I think is sweet enough (the weight in the figure below is for reference) The sweetness is quite light, I don't like sweets, I think it's enough, my husband thinks it's a little bit not sweet enough, let's figure it out.

3 Cooking bean porridge: beans, sugar, water, put them into the rice cooker, I use the porridge stall, I can't ignore it if I can't time it. I put the beans and water at a ratio of 1, and it turned out to be quite dry (Picture 5), so I added half of the water and reheated it for fear that the beans would not be cooked.

I forgot to take the picture after I made it again, everyone feels that it can be crushed into mashed beans, not too dry and not too wet.

Small summary: You don’t need to put too much water at once, anyway, the rice cooker will not burn the bottom of the pot. If it's not enough, add a little hot water later, which also saves the step of frying the mashed bean paste. 

4 Mashing the bean paste: Maybe it was because I put too little water in the early stage. The prepared beans were still a little dry and hard, and the spoon was not good for crushing. I took out the wall breaker and beat it ~ evenly and finely. By the way, when the mashed bean is hot, it tastes a little sweeter than the final product. It is normal to feel a little sweet at this time.

5 Dry the bean yellow: Just transfer the pea puree to a suitable container, no need to apply oil or anything, it will not stick. Let it cool a little and then transfer it to the refrigerator. It is said that it can be set in 3-4 hours. We stayed overnight, and the next morning we got up and pulled it out, and started eating~

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Smooth shaped yellow split pea cake
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Yellow split pea mash
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Weigh the yellow split pea and the sugar
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