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Halal Summer Cool Cake

Halal Summer Cool Cake

In the summer, we can enjoy a refreshing cake with a tropical twist. This summer halal cool cake is made with coconut milk, butterfly pea flower, agar-agar powder, lychee, sugar, and water.

Prep Time


3 people
Prep Time

Prep Time

1 hr
Cook Time

Cook Time

1 hr


Total Time
Total Time
2 hrs
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mixing bowl


cake mold


coconut milk

butterfly pea flower

agar-agar powder





For a friend’s birthday, I prepared a fruit jelly cake with no cream, low sugar, no coloring, and a Q-flavored taste, which is simple and delicious and not greasy.

A jelly cake that can be made without whisking, stirring, and stirring. Learn it right away! You don't have to worry about the fat formation or weight gain, and you can cool off from the heat. I don't feel guilty after taking a bite. It is simply a kind of cake that won’t make us fat, it’s so refreshing!


coconut milk, butterfly pea flower, agar-agar powder, lychee, sugar, water


Recipe :

🔵Blue Layer :

Butterfly pea flower (8-10) 1000ml

600ml water

200g caster sugar

16g agar-agar powder


⚪️White layer :

250ml thick coconut milk

250ml water

60g caster sugar

5g agar-agar powder


1. Prepare two small soup pots

🔵Blue layer: Mix all ingredients until dissolved, add butterfly pea flower water and caster sugar, and bring to a boil. Turn to low heat to keep warm.

⚪️ White layer:

Mix the ingredients in a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Turn to low heat to keep warm.


1. Pour the blue butterfly flower layer into the cake mold and pour a little as the bottom layer, and put it in the refrigerator for 3-5 minutes or until it just solidifies.

2. Then add a little white layer to make the second layer, 3-5 minutes or until just solidified. Repeat the steps to pour, cover and refrigerate for 1 hour. Snap and demold, and you're done.

3. You can decorate as you like, you can choose fruit, fancy icing, or make different shapes of jelly. I used Lichee in this case. 

Summer Cool Cake
Layers of Jelly Cake
Perfect Summer Cake
Beautiful decorations
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