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Halal Green Bean Cake


Halal Green Bean Cake

This article is about a recipe for Halal Green Bean Cake. This cake is made with green beans instead of flour and it is vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free. This recipe will show you how to make this delicious cake with green beans!

Prep Time


3 people
Prep Time

Prep Time

8 hrs
Cook Time

Cook Time

50 min


Total Time
Total Time
50 min
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Flower shape mold


Frying pan




Green bean


Food coloring

White sugar


Halal green bean cake is a dessert that is popular in East Asia. It can be made with either flour or rice flour and has a sweet, soft texture. There are many variations of the recipe and some may include almonds, eggs, or coconut milk. The most traditional type of Halal green bean cake uses only beans, sugar, and water as its ingredients.

Before the Dragon Boat Festival, I bought a pack of peeled mung beans to make mung bean cakes, and there were still some mung beans left, so I simply made them again.

200g peeled mung bean, rinsed several times, soaked in water for about eight hours, the soaked mung bean is full of water, fat, and cute. Drain the water, not too dry, a little water is fine, if it is too dry, it will not be crushed later.

green bean soaking in water

Spread it out into the steamer, and steam for about 50 minutes. At this time, the mung beans are very soft and rotten.

Then crush them like mashed potatoes, a little longer and press them enough. I added a small amount of boiling water to make it easier to press. Remember to take it while it's hot, it's not easy to press when it's cold. If you want to be more delicate, you can use a sieve to sieve several times, and use a scraper to scrape the mung bean puree down. Sifting takes longer than expected, about 20 minutes, but you can get a bowl of soft and delicate mung bean puree. I was lazy and didn't pass the sieve.

Mash Green Bean Paste

Next, add 30-50 grams of oil, corn oil if you like traditional flavors, melted butter if you like western desserts, and some milk. I personally feel that corn oil tastes better. Add 30g-50g sugar, depending on your taste. Then grab a spatula and a nonstick pan and stir fry.

Add Melted Butter into the Paste

Fry it like this until it forms a lump, and put it in the refrigerator to cool.

Green Bean Lump

The following is the last step of pressing. It is essential to make a beautiful mung bean cake mold.

Molding Tool

I wanted to make a few two-color ones, so I pulled out a small lump of mashed mung bean, added half a drop of food coloring and kneaded it evenly. It turned out that the color was still a little darker, so I just dipped a toothpick in a little bit.

Red Color Lump

Roll the mashed green bean paste into a small ball of 25-50g each, put it into the mold and press it tightly.

Green Bean Paste Ball Shape

I made a 25g one, it's small and cute, and I like the taste

Flower Shapes
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