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Halal chili pepper chicken

Halal chili pepper chicken

Halal chili pepper chicken is a type of Chinese cuisine that uses peppers, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and sesame oil to create a spicy dish. The dish can be served as an appetizer or as a main course.

Prep Time


3 people
Prep Time

Prep Time

15 min
Cook Time

Cook Time

30 min


Total Time
Total Time
45 min
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cutting board


fry pan



chicken thighs

dried chili

fresh chili






five-spice powder


soy sauce

egg whites


bean paste

green onion.


The best gift for a mother on Mother's Day is to cook a bowl of her mother's favorite food for her to eat.

My mother likes to eat chicken, especially the little Shaoxing Sanhuang Chicken and Sanhuang Chicken porridge that she used to eat in Shanghai. Although she has lived in the United States for so many years, she still often mentions it.

Now in the United States, of course, there is no small Shaoxing Sanhuang chicken to eat, and the chicken here is not very delicious when we buy them in the store or market, so to change the way of eating we can make a spicy chicken. It should be delicious.

Prepare the ingredients:

Prepare 5 fresh chicken thighs.

fresh chicken thighs

Prepare the seasoning:

Dried chili, fresh chili, ginger, garlic, pepper, salt, sugar, five-spice powder, pepper, soy sauce, egg whites, cornstarch, bean paste, and green onion.

Cooking Method:

1- After the chicken thighs are peeled and boneless, cut into small pieces. You can also buy boneless chicken thighs directly from the supermarket.

Cut the chicken thigh into pieces

2- Add salt,  sugar, five-spice powder, light soy sauce, eggs, and cornstarch to the chicken leg pieces to marinate, and taste.

(The chicken should be covered with cornstarch so that the fried chicken will be tender on the outside and tender on the inside)

add spices to chicken thigh pieces

3- Slice ginger, garlic, scallions, dry chili and fresh chili.

Cut up the green chili

4- Add hot oil to the pot, pour in the chicken thighs, fry the chicken pieces until golden brown, remove the oil and set aside

deep fry the chicken pieces until golden brown

5- Heat oil in a pan, saute dry chili, pepper, add ginger, onion, garlic and bean paste. Stir-fry until fragrance comes out.

stir fry all the spice like ginger, garlic, red chili

6- Then pour in the fried chicken and stir fry evenly.

stir fry the chicken pieces

7- Finally, add fresh chili segments, and stir-fry evenly.

stir fry all the chilis

8-Ready to serve.

final dish

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