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Two frozen treats and a summer drink (fig, mango, lychee)


Two frozen treats and a summer drink (fig, mango, lychee)

What will you make with fig, mango and yogurt? Here we will provide you 3 simple recipes to start with. We hope you find it easy to make and enjoy them with your family!

Prep Time


Prep Time

Prep Time

30 min - 5 hrs
Cook Time

Cook Time

0 mins


Total Time
Total Time
30 min - 5 hrs
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Cutting board

Fruit mixer

Ice cream mold

Ice tray


  1. fig
  2. mango
  3. lemon
  4. lime
  5. yogurt
  6. honey
  7. tea
  8. lychee


If you would like to watch a video of this recipe, head out to our youtube channel:

Frozen lychee yogurt

  1. Wash and peel the lychees, use the straw to take out the lychee core. Put all of the lychee fruits in a bowl, then rinse them.
  2. Put each of the lychee into the ice cube mode tray, and use the pastry bag to squeeze the yogurt in the empty space of lychee.
  3. Cut mango into tiny cubes, then put them on top of the yogurt.
  4. Put this tray of lychee into the freezer and freeze for 2 hours.
Frozen lychee with yogurt and mango pieces

Fig mango ice cream

  1. Cut 2 figs in half, use spoon to take out the fig fruit and seeds. Put the fruit and seeds in a filter, filters the fruit+seed and the fig juice. Cut one mango into cubes.
  2. Put the mango cubes into the juicer, then pour the fig juice and yogurt in as well. Start the juicer and mix them well!
  3. Pour the fig fruit snd seeds into the mixture. and stir well.
  4. Pour the thick texture mixture into the ice cream mould.
  5. Put in the freezer for 5 hours.
filter fig
Use mixing machine
Put in the fig seeds
Fig mango ice cream

Fig lemon and lime tea

  1. Pick your favorite tea bag, pour the boiled water in the cup.
  2. Cut several figs in half, use the spoon to take out the fruit and seeds, and put them in a bowl.
  3. Cut lemon and lime into pieces, and put them into the bowl as well.
  4. Add some honey into the bowl.
  5. Pour some ice cubes and hot tea into the bowl.
Step 4 put in honey
Pour in the tea
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