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fried leek dumpling | Easy Halal Recipes

fried leek dumpling | Easy Halal Recipes

Prep Time


3 people
Prep Time

Prep Time

40 min
Cook Time

Cook Time

10 min


Total Time
Total Time
50 min
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Chinese Halal Dishes


electric baking pan

mixing bowl

cutting board









It’s been a long time since I made a leek box, and I just came back to make this after thinking about it for the past two days~ It’s just that leeks, eggs and shrimps are added with a dough, if you are on a diet, you can eat it, and there are protein, carbohydrates and vegetables in it.

I bought almost 3 bundles of leeks in the supermarket, about 4 pounds, plus 1.5 pounds of shrimp, and 10 eggs. In fact, there is no ratio, you can add whatever you like, it all depends on your preference😆I like shrimp and eggs, so I put more.

egg fried
soak the shrimp in water

The eggs are scrambled and set aside, then prepare the dough. My husband likes the leek box for noodles. Let me tell you in advance that I didn’t post it again after wrapping it up, because my husband is in a hurry to eat, so it doesn’t matter. So when it comes out of the pan, it doesn't have the texture of leavened noodles, but the pleats are soft, which is better than dead noodles.

make the dough in the machine

I add 1000g flour to 10g yeast and 600g warm water. In fact, I searched for a long time and found that it is almost enough, everyone’s ratio is not the same 😂Throw it into the bread machine and knead the dough by yourself, and then you can wrap it. While the bread machine is kneading the dough, you can start mixing the ingredients together.

mixing the leek, shrimp and egg
place the filling in the dough
wrapped leek dumpling

After wrapping, just put it in the electric baking pan and bake it, and then you can eat it~ We pack almost one electric baking pan with two leek boxes, so it is very convenient.

leek dumplings
take a bite of the leek dumpling

I feel that the skin of the dough will be softer, and the taste is better than that of dead noodles. If it is left for 10 minutes before baking, it should be more delicious and fluffy. There is still a lump of these doughs left at the end. Roll them flat and put some olive oil and salt and pepper to make dough pancakes, which are also delicious~

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