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Creative cool dessert 🥭 Hawthorn mango ice powder 🧊

Creative cool dessert 🥭 Hawthorn mango ice powder 🧊

Hawthorn mango ice powder is a creative dessert that can be made with a few simple ingredients. The Hawthorn mango ice powder is able to provide immediate access, and you will be able to see the product in your hand. It is a direct view of the present. Creative cool desserts are becoming increasingly popular as people are looking for new and interesting ways to enjoy their desserts. In this recipe, we use Hawthorn mango ice powder which has been gaining popularity in recent years.

Prep Time


3 people
Prep Time

Prep Time

10 min
Cook Time

Cook Time

5 min


Total Time
Total Time
15 min
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water boiler


chilled ice powder

shredded mango meat

hawthorn cake

taro balls


chopped coconut



I bought a hometown-flavored hawthorn cake in Yami, the No. 1 golden mango meat, and an original flavor of ice powder. The weather is hot on weekends. I plan to use these three ingredients to make a cool and delicious dessert.

I also prepared taro balls, watermelon-flavored cranberries, chopped coconut, and milk are also prepared, which can be added according to personal taste to enhance the taste. The prepared hawthorn and mango ice powder is fresh and smooth, cools the heat, and quenches thirst and fire. Let’s talk about production. method:

1. Pour about one liter of boiling water not lower than 90 degrees Celsius into a container, then sprinkle half a bag of ice powder into it, keep stirring until it dissolves, and cool it in the refrigerator for later use;

2. Put the taro, sweet potato, and purple potato tricolor taro balls into a pot of boiling water, cook for 5 minutes, remove and let cool;

3. Put the chilled ice powder in a bowl, add the shredded mango meat, hawthorn cake, as well as taro balls, cranberries, chopped coconut, and milk, and enjoy.

BIG GREEN Hawthorn Jelly Parfait, HAWTHORN BERRY JAM, net weight 250g, 784 calories per piece; no starch, no preservatives, no added pectin, no artificial pigments; made of high-quality hawthorn, mainly water, Hawthorn, white sugar; rectangular hawthorn cake, dark red, firm and smooth, slightly sweet and glutinous, sour and appetizing.

No. 1 Golden Mango Flesh, net weight 108 grams, dried mango is golden and rich, thick and full, soft, tough, fresh and sweet, with little fiber and no slag. It is good to eat directly as a snack or as a dessert.

Hawthorn mango ice powder
Cute and elegant
Put all the ingredients in the bowl
Mango meat and Hawthorn Cake
Mango pieces, hawthron pieces and ice powder
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