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Tea eggs and chicken slices with rice

Tea eggs and chicken slices with rice

This is a dish that is full of protein, vegetables, and all essential ingredients. It even has Chinese tea egg inside, adding that amazing flavor in the dish.

Prep Time


4 people
Prep Time

Prep Time

30 min
Cook Time

Cook Time

30 min


Total Time
Total Time
1 hr
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Steaming pot

Pressure pot

Cutting board



10 eggs

Star anise (2 pieces)

Bay leaf (2 grams)

Cinnamon (1 gram)

Fennels (2 grams)

Sugar (30 grams)

Salt (20 grams)

Dark soy sauce (15 grams)

Soy sauce (25 grams)

Water (600 grams)

Red tea leaves (5 grams)


This dish has hard boiled Chinese tea eggs on the side, as you can see in the picture. In China, we usually eat the tea eggs with You Tiao (deep-fried dough sticks) as breakfast, they are such perfect match.

So now, as we can see, there are chicken slices and green peas and carrot pieces and bok choys in the rice dish. All we have to do is to boil these vegetables and put them on top of the rice.

How to cook tea eggs (preparation before the dish):

First of all, clean the egg, after cleaning, put in the pot with cold water, boil the whole pot using high heat until water is boiling. Turn off the heat, close the lid and let it sit for 5 minutes.

Pour and mix all the sauces in the bowl, pour in the water. The sauces are sugar (30 g), salt (20 g), dark soy sauce (15 g). soy sauce (25 g), water (600 g).

Weigh the various spices then soak them in the water to clean them up since not all the spices are very clean. The spices we are using are star anise (2 pieces), bay leaf (2 gram), cinnamon (1 gram), fennels (2 gram). Also, weigh the tea leaves, it is very important to use the red tea tea leaves, tea leaves to use could be Pu'er, don't use West Lake Longjing tea, the flavor must be very odd.

Pour in all the spices and sauces into the pot, boil using high heat, then use low heat to cook it for 3 minutes, tea leaves may be added later, let the flavor of the spice and tea leaves penetrate through the water.

Crack the boiled eggs in a way where there can have fissures on the eggs. When you crack them try to tap on it at every point. or else the flavor is hard to go in the egg. Put the eggs in the pot, continue to boil using high heat, then using low heat and braise for 5 minutes.

Now we are done with the tea eggs, we didn't make the tea eggs using the five spices, but is made using couple of spices and tea leaves with fragrance. It tastes the best after braising for 12 hours to 20 hours overnight.

Cook chicken slices:

Slice the chicken into pieces then fry them or cook them in the way you want them. I added little it of soy sauce, little bit MSG, black sesame sprinkled on top.

Put the steam rice in the bowl, put on the steamed vegetables, one tea egg, and the chicken slices. This delicious dish is now done!

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