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Beef tendon recipe

Beef tendon recipe

Beef tendon is a dish made from collagen, the tough protein found in mammalian tendons. It is usually cut into strips and stir-fried with onions, garlic, ginger, and other ingredients.

Prep Time


Prep Time

Prep Time

45 min
Cook Time

Cook Time

45 min - 2 hrs


Total Time
Total Time
90 min
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pan (indented)

big pot for boiling


beef tendon

cumin seeds

chili powder

ginger paste

garlic paste


roasted sesame seeds


There are many dishes that use beef tendon, like beef tendon soup, beef tendon pie, and beef tendon noodle soup. But this dish is a simple way to enjoy the flavor of a beef tendon.

Taiwan is a mountainous country with plentiful forests and rivers, producing plenty of food resources.

It is often said, "the best beef tendon is from Taiwan."

The beef tendon is braised with ingredients such as soy sauce, sugar, Chinese black vinegar, and sesame sauce, making it a tasty dish.

Clean up the dish. Take the beef tendon and cut it into small pieces. Clean the beef tendon with vinegar and salt. Place it in a pot with some water and cook it over medium heat until it is done. Stir-fry the beef tendon with some oil and garlic.

The dish is served with rice.

Small tip:

The most important thing about the beef tendon is that it's really clean. After washing it, we add some cold water and soak it for one night, drain it and season it with fresh black pepper, roast soy sauce on the kitchen stove to stew, clean out the sesame oil, and some salt for the pot. The beef tendon cooks for about 2 hours.

Beef tendon provides a delightful texture to enjoy every time. Take some time out of your day, and show these delicious beauties the love they deserve. You may add some sesame to invent a new taste profile you may not have had before.

# Process 7 frozen beef tendons for about 70 minutes

# Slice 2 cm off the skewers

# Pour 150 ml of oil into the indented frying pan

# Put in the garlic paste, cumin, a little bit of ginger paste, chili power 

# Put in the beef tendons pieces, and stir fry 

# Remove from heat, cool

# Sprinkle some cilantro and roasted sesame seeds on top

# Place in the fridge overnight

The dish, usually served with rice or noodles, tastes like beef jerky. One would find that the dish has a delicate yet robust flavor.

The bite-sized pieces of this savory meat soup dish are made by simmering tendon and offals that were scraped into round disks or punched into small chunks. Snap them up while they are abundant!

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