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Three-hour direct method - baguette

March 13, 2023
The three-hour direct method of baking baguettes is a simple and efficient way to make delicious, crusty French-style breads. This method requires only basic ingredients and equipment, and can be completed in as little as three hours. The result is a golden brown loaf with an airy crumb and a crisp, crunchy crust that will impress any baker. With this method, you can enjoy the flavor of freshly baked baguettes without the time commitment of traditional methods.

The sweetness and wheat aroma are released during chewing, what are you waiting for, the family version of baguette is here

All-purpose flour: 400 grams

Salt: 6 grams

Water: 280-300 grams

Yeast: 2 grams

Mix all the ingredients well, let stand for 20 minutes, fold once.

Folding method: Pull up a part of the dough, stretch it to the breaking point, and fold it to the top of the dough until the gluten becomes stronger.

Continue to wake up for 20 minutes, fold it again, and fold it 3 times in total, with an interval of 20 minutes between each time. The room temperature is about 28 degrees.

After the last folding, the container is sprayed with water, the dough is put into the container, and fermented for 60 minutes.

Sprinkle flour on the fermented dough, sprinkle flour on the baking cloth, pour out the dough, cut into 4 parts, shape into rounds, and proof for 20 minutes.

Shape into short olive-shaped baguettes, dust with oiled paper, place on the oiled paper, spaced apart, and rest for 30 minutes.

Sift a layer of flour, cut the bag.

Oven 460F, bake for about 20 minutes, observe the coloring.

Baguette cut open
cross section of the Baguette
Baguette bread
Baguette after baking
sprinkle flours on Baguette
making the bread dough