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This turquoise mango is simply the best in the world 👍|Don't miss it for the season

October 29, 2022
The Keitt mango is a new product in Whole Foods. It has a taste that is comparable to pineapple and papaya, but it's not quite as sweet and juicy as either of those fruits. The fruit is also low in sugar and has more fiber than most other fruits, which means you can eat more of it without feeling guilty about your diet.

Bought this turquoise mango at Whole Foods last Friday. It's been almost 5 days at room temperature. The peel was a little soft today when I pressed it. Smells a little sweet, I can't wait to open it.

It really surprised me, super delicious 😋👍 Juicy and very sweet.

Apart from champagne mango, this is probably the best mango I have ever eaten😍

Public understanding: Usually summer is the season to eat mangoes

But this mango is a late season mango variety

Originated in South Florida

The fruit usually ripens until October

So autumn is the peak season for this mango

The mango is relatively large (my hand is relatively large, about the size of my entire palm ✋).

Although their rinds are still completely green when mature. But the pulp is soft to the touch. It is said that mangoes of this keitt variety stay on the tree longer than other varieties, so the pulp is very sweet, and the pulp doesn't have any fiber. The taste is sweet and juicy.

The peel is hard when you buy it, but it is usually eaten at room temperature until it is slightly soft when pressed (about a week or so). I bought two, one was a little soft when I bought it, so I can eat it on the fifth day today, and the other one is still a little hard. This kind of fruit can be eaten raw, can also be used to make salads, milkshakes, cakes, and delicious mango sticky rice. Don't you drool just thinking about it🤤😄

When you go shopping at Whole Foods, look for the red label on the mango skin (Keitt mango 93114)If you miss it, you have to wait for next year 😄

Keitt Mango Jade Green color
when you cut it open
juicy mango meat
tasty Keitt mango meat
watch out for the 93114 label
It can be used to make a variety of dishes