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The yogurt + avocado in the North American supermarket is so delicious that the whole family can't get enough!

April 26, 2023
The yogurt + avocado combination is a popular snack among North Americans. It is a delicious and healthy option that can be found in most supermarkets. The combination of the creamy yogurt and the creamy avocado is a perfect balance of flavors that make this snack so delicious. It is also easy to prepare and can be enjoyed as an after-school snack or as part of a meal. With its nutritional benefits, it's no wonder why this combination has become so popular in North America.

This yogurt is really delicious! ! Is there anyone like me 🙋🏻

Use it to make yogurt smoothie so delicious that the whole family rushes to drink it!

Summer is coming! ! Hurry up and learn to surprise everyone😆

I also tried to use [Beijing yogurt] and the taste is still a little bit worse!

🥑 Ingredient preparation:

- 1 avocado

- 2-3 strawberries

- a cup of yogurt

- Milk 150ml

- Ice cubes as appropriate

Just put the ingredients except strawberries 🍓!

Put it all in a cooking machine and make a yogurt smoothie✅

Strawberries 🍓 as a base! Just stir it when you drink it!The flavor in this one is rich and delicious!

I can drink two glasses in a row!A

vocado 🥑 can also be whipped together with Kyoho grapes!

It is also very delicious! ! It's a very refreshing and summery taste!


  1. Place 2-3 strawberries at the bottom of the cup, mash it with some tool
  2. Place one whole avocado inside the juicer
  3. Than put some ice in the juicer
  4. Then pour in one cup of yogurt (5.3 oz)
  5. Than pour in 150 mL of milk
  6. Blend everything
  7. Pour the blended mixture in the cup
homemade avocado yogurt drink
Ingredients that you need
Blended green color mixture
All are healthy ingredients