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The non-fried healthy version of amber walnut is here

July 3, 2023
In today's health-conscious world, finding healthier alternatives to our favorite snacks is always a welcome discovery. And now, the non-fried healthy version of amber walnut is here to satisfy both our taste buds and our desire for nutritious choices. Gone are the days of feeling guilty about indulging in fried snacks - this innovative twist on the classic amber walnut offers a guilt-free option that doesn't compromise on flavor or texture.

It's super simple to make, non-fried, much healthier than the commercially available amber walnuts.

250 grams of raw walnut kernels, put in a pot under cold water, add a teaspoon of baking soda, boil, remove and rinse.

Boil the walnuts again, put them in the same cold water pot, boil and drain the water, this time do not add baking soda.

Pour the drained walnut kernels into a pot, add 30 grams of honey, stir well, then add 20-40 grams of sugar and stir well, finally sprinkle 20 grams of cooked white sesame seeds and stir well, put it into the baking tray.

⚠️Be careful not to confuse the order of adding, and control the sweetness by yourself. I only used 20 grams of white sugar, which is slightly sweet, which is just right for me.

Bake in the oven at 340 degrees Fahrenheit for about 25-30 minutes, depending on the degree of coloring, let cool and eat

final amber walnut dish
boiling and rinsing the walnuts
frying the walnuts