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Super Whole Melon Atlas Award (3)

June 5, 2023
The Super Whole Melon Atlas Award (3) is an annual award that recognizes the best melons in the world. This year, three melons have been chosen for this prestigious award: honey globe melon, horned melon, and jade dew melon. Each of these unique varieties has its own distinct flavor and texture that make them stand out from other types of melons.

I have already sorted out two articles, and this is the third article (for specific pictures, please refer to the first article). In fact, there are still a lot of melons, and I really can’t continue to organize them.

🍈 Honey Globe Melon

Shape: round, white outer layer

Taste: Very sweet, juicy inside

Season: Short growing season, difficult to pick

Origin: Southeast Asia

🍈 Horned Melon

Shape: yellow, covered with thorns

Taste: Somewhere between banana, cucumber, zucchini, passion fruit, and lime

Season: no specific season

Origin: Africa

🍈 Jade Dew Melon

Shape: round, light green outer belt with reticulation

Taste: Sweet, crisp

Season: no specific season

Origin: unknown

🍈 Kantola Melon

Shape: Small, dark green skin covered with spines

Taste: for adding flavor to meat or fish dishes

Season: no specific season

Origin: India and South Asia

🍈 Kiss Melon Kiss Melon

Shape: Varies by variety (kiss melon, summer melon, honeydew melon, kiss lemon)

Taste: Sweet and aromatic

Season: mid-June to late October

Origin: unknown

🍈 Korean Melon

Shape: Varies, sometimes called "true cucumber cantaloupe"

Taste: Sweet, used in pickled dishes

Season: no specific season

Origin: South Korea

🍈 Maroon Cucumber Melon

Shape: oblong or oval, with spines and granules on the skin

Taste: no specific description

Season: no specific season

Origin: Africa

🍈 New Century Melon New Century Melon

Shape: oblong, outer layer is light yellow to green

Taste: Crisp and sweet

Season: no specific season

Origin: Taiwan