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Super meal! Cast Iron Skillet Griddled Chicken Wings

March 15, 2023
If you're looking for a delicious and easy meal to make for your family or friends, then look no further than Super Meal! Cast Iron Skillet Griddled Chicken Wings. This super meal is a great way to get creative in the kitchen with minimal effort. It requires just a few simple ingredients and can be cooked in under thirty minutes. The result is juicy, tender chicken wings that are full of flavor and perfect for any occasion. So if you're looking for an impressive yet simple meal, then this is definitely the one to try!

Occasionally, I saw a recipe similar to chicken wings in a cast iron pot in a small 🍠. I later improved the recipe. I didn’t expect to serve it like this. The family members ate it full of praise. Even my family 👶🏻 loves it. I use it as a mother The work is worth it!

You can buy what you like for the ingredients. I bought the prince mushroom, wash it, drain it and cut it into pieces for later use.

Chicken wings should be marinated in advance:

Two spoonfuls of light soy sauce, one spoonful of dark soy sauce, one spoonful of oyster sauce, appropriate amount of cumin powder.

The method is also very simple:

Heat oil at the bottom of the cast iron pan, spread the onion and flattened garlic, after the aroma is burned, continue to spread the prince mushrooms, and the chicken wings are last. There is no need to add water during this period, because the prince mushroom will seep water continuously during the cooking process. Cook on medium and low heat until the prince mushroom becomes soft, and the chopsticks 🥢 can pierce through it, which means it is cooked.

The cooked chicken wings in a dry pot are very fragrant, with a strong aroma of garlic and onions, a fresh and sweet smell of prince mushrooms, and a salty aroma of chicken wings, and the meat of the chicken wings does not taste too bad, it is really good for rice~

Garlics and onion at the bottom
prince mushrooms
frying the chicken wings
Put all of them into the pot
Put the big cilantro inside