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Summer limited 👉Delicious Shrimp, Corn, Green Bean and Egg Custard

May 29, 2023
Summer is here and it's time to enjoy all the delicious summer delights! One of the most popular dishes this season is the delicious shrimp, corn, green bean and egg custard. This dish is perfect for those hot summer days and nights when you just want something light yet tasty. It's a great way to get your daily dose of protein while still indulging in a flavorful meal. With its unique combination of flavors, this dish will be sure to make your summer limited menu extra special!

I have been greedy for egg custard for a long time. This time I bought a Joyoung Steam Fryer, and I couldn’t wait to make a dish of egg custard with shrimps, corn and green beans. ️

The method is as follows:

1. Appropriate amount of shrimp + 3-4 slices of ginger + a little pepper, marinate for a few minutes;

2. Beat 3 eggs with a little salt, add 1.5 times warm water (about 275ml), stir well, and sieve (very important‼️);

3. Put the bowl containing the egg liquid into the Joyoung Air Fryer, select the original flavor and steam for 8 minutes, then open the pan and add shrimp, green beans, corn, and broccoli, and continue steaming for 8 minutes to get out of the pan!

4. Sprinkle with chopped green onion at the end, put in a spoonful of steamed fish soy sauce, and top with two spoonfuls of hot oil‼ ️

The egg custard made is super smooth, tender and delicious, much more delicious than those made in ordinary steamers before! I really recommend it!

prepare all the ingredients
marinate the shrimp
steam the eggs
sprinkle the green onions
final dish
yummy and delicious
soft and silky egg dish