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Purple yam rice balls

February 6, 2023
For those looking for a quick and easy Halal meal, purple yam rice balls are the perfect solution. Not only are they delicious, but they’re also incredibly simple to make. All you need is purple yam, cooked rice, and a few simple ingredients to create this tasty dish. Whether you’re looking for an easy weeknight dinner or a special occasion meal, these purple yam rice balls are sure to please everyone at the table!

I made a plate of glutinous rice balls stuffed with purple yams, which is easy and quick to operate.

The purple sweet potato is cut into pieces and steamed, and then mashed with appropriate amount of sugar. I saw that someone added condensed milk, it should taste better, and then rub the purple sweet potato puree into purple sweet potato balls.

Next, mix glutinous rice flour with water and knead it into a smooth dough. The experience of making glutinous rice balls in the past is that if you directly use this dough to fill the stuffing, it will dry out and crack. I learned a trick, which is to pull out the dough and knead it flat.

Throw it in boiling water and cook it, take it out and cool it, put it back into the original raw dough, and knead it repeatedly, so that the cooked dough is more sticky and the raw mixture will not crack, and it is easier to wrap the stuffing.

If it feels too sticky, you can add some glutinous rice flour.

Finally, divide the dough into small doses, roll them into the shape of dumpling wrappers with hands or a rolling pin, wrap the purple sweet potato balls in the middle and roll them into rounds. I’m not patient enough, some are big and some are small, and I didn’t rub them It's been too long so it's not as smooth, but the progress won't spread.

make the purple yam fillings
making rice flour dough
roll them into balls
boil them in water
purple yam filling rice balls