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Lǘdagunr Glutinous Rice Rolls Stuffed with Red Bean Paste Homemade

March 15, 2024
"Lüdagunr" is a traditional Chinese delicacy consisting of glutinous rice rolls filled with sweet red bean paste. The dish is made by wrapping a mixture of glutinous rice flour and water around a sweet red bean paste filling, then steaming the rolls until they become soft and chewy. This homemade version allows for customization and control over ingredients, resulting in a flavorful and comforting treat that is popular among those who enjoy Asian desserts.

I happened to buy bean paste filling which I thought was delicious.The skin-on bean paste stuffing purchased from local Chinese has moderate sweetness.The bean paste with some red bean skin is very compatible with the bean noodles and glutinous rice noodles, it is very suitable for making glutinous rice rolls stuffed with red bean paste. Once it's done, I will take it to a friend's house as a guest.

Glutinous rice skin is Xue Mei Niang’s recipe. I have tried several versions of skins, but the one from Xue Mei Niang is still the best. It's very soft and waxy, and it won't harden even if it's sealed and placed in the refrigerator overnight. Just take it out and warm it for a while before eating.

👉🏻Mochi (Snow Mei Niang) recipe:

50g glutinous rice flour

15g cornstarch

25g sugar

85g milk

15g unsalted butter


1. Stir all the ingredients except butter until there is no dry powder, sift once, cover with plastic wrap and prick a few holes with a toothpick. I made twice the amount this time.

2. After the water is boiled, steam it over high heat for 10 minutes, or heat it in the microwave for 1 minute to 1 and a half minutes, and then it will solidify. The time is adjusted according to the power of the microwave oven. The portion was double and the microwave lasted 2 minutes.

3. After steaming, rub the butter in without scalding your hands. The kneaded mochi will be smooth, soft and non-sticky. Wrap in cling film and refrigerate for half an hour.

4. Spread a layer of bean flour on the surface (cooked soybean flour:sugar = 3:1 mix). If the soybean flour is raw, stir-fry it over low heat until it is light brown and does not taste like raw beans.

5. Cut the dough in half. I made twice the amount, so I cut it into four parts. Take out a piece and roll it out, then spread a layer of bean flour, spread the bean paste, put on gloves, push the bean paste to the four corners with your hands, then roll it up, put it in a sealed box after it is done, and put it in the refrigerator for a while before cutting. It’s okay to cut it directly, but it’s a little soft and will cut flat, so you can go back to it after you break it with your hands.

The whole process of making Lǘdagunr
Final product Lǘdagunr
Red bean paste inside
chewy and sticky
Very suitable to give as a gift