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Let me see who hasn't tried this Bull Head brand wok

June 22, 2023
Are you a fan of Asian cuisine and looking for the perfect wok to cook your favorite dishes? Look no further than the Bull Head brand wok. This high-quality wok is a must-have for any home chef who wants to achieve authentic flavors and textures in their cooking. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which wok to choose. That's why we're here to ask: let me see who hasn't tried this Bull Head brand wok yet? With its durable construction, even heat distribution, and versatile design, this wok is sure to become a staple in your kitchen. So why not give it a try and elevate your cooking game today?

This black truffle sauce was bought at the Manhattan Market.

truffle sauce

But some American supermarkets also sell it, but it's not commonThe price is about 💰22 dollars a canDon't look at him being so expensive and in such a small can, in fact he can eat it many timesEvery time I stir-fry, I add a small spoon of black truffle sauce to it, which is a great bonus and super fragrant.

Put in a small spoon of black truffle

Can be added to

✅Shrimp fried snow peas

✅Stir-fried cauliflower with garlic

✅Add it to the noodles to become black truffle noodles

Suddenly the noodles become so high-endI have used this bottle about 10 times at home.So the price/performance ratio is still ok.

shrimp with peas

This time, the scrambled eggs with tomatoes and the fried snow peas with shrimps all use the flat-bottomed double-eared wok of the Bull Head brand Buffalo

Bull head brand wok

Bull Head is a Taiwanese brandTheir pans feature multi-ply stainless steel and uncoated wok pans. Often uncoated wok pans are healthier for cooking and are easier to clean.

stainless steel

The experience of using the flat-bottomed double-ear wok:

✅Heats up quickly

Usually, the ceramic iron pot is heated for about 5 minutes, but this wok only needs 1 minute to be very hot.After adding the oil, put the vegetables and stir-fry immediately, and there is already a sound of sizzling.

oil can be heated up quickly

✅Non-stick pan, the slippery feeling is really cool

When making scrambled eggs with tomatoes, I put the egg liquid down like a pancake, it feels so smooth! This pot is not a round bottom but a flat bottom.

The frying pan can be physically non-stick if used in the right way:

Pour the oil first and then turn on the fire.

Heat the pan on medium heat for one and a half minutes.

When the cantaloupe oil pattern appears, you can add the ingredients and adjust the firepower. When the ingredients are cooked, turn them over.

sleek design

⭕️The only downside is

The handles on both sides of the wok are still a bit hot.Although there is already a dark red plastic layer for heat insulation, it is still hot when serving.

In fact, this problem is not just this pot. I didn't understand it either, the pot with a single handle is very convenient, just lift the handle and pour it out when serving.

For the two-eared pot, every time I hold the two sides with both hands, how can I serve with my hands? Every time I directly hold the ears on both sides, and then turn it into the pot, and the soup is often easily spilled out.

looks modern