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Instantly cured brushed cream iced Americano|Record the healing moment of coffee

August 6, 2023
Indulging in a cup of coffee can be a truly transformative experience, especially when it comes to specialty beverages like the instantly cured brushed cream iced Americano. This unique concoction combines the refreshing qualities of an iced Americano with the delightful addition of brushed cream, creating a drink that not only satisfies your caffeine cravings but also offers a moment of healing and relaxation.

Come and drink an iced Americano in hot weather, topped with cream cheese.

Watching the cream sink like a waterfall.

This picture is so healingThe appearance and taste are worth a try!

Making process:

Cream + condensed milk sent to 5 distribution

Fill the glass with ice cubes  

Pour pure water to 7 minutes full

Pour in the extracted 2 shots of coffee concentrate

Slowly pour the whipped cream milk cover✅

Then you can enjoy the beautiful picture of the cream sinking

Tips:The cream must not be too thick or too thinOtherwise there is no such effect 😁If you like it, try it!

Ice cubes in the glass
Pour in freshly made coffee
Pour cream+condensed milk
Pour cream until the top
cream is falling down vertically
After cream condensing for a while
Looks beautiful