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Inexpensive Big Bowl and Easy Guacamole

February 17, 2023
Guacamole is a delicious dip that's great for any occasion. But it can be expensive to make and time-consuming to prepare. In this article, we'll explore how to make an inexpensive Big Bowl and Easy Guacamole that will be sure to please everyone at your next gathering. We'll also discuss the ingredients you'll need, the steps involved in making it, and some tips for getting the best results. So get ready to learn how to make delicious guacamole that won't break the bank!

Is there anyone who loves Guacamole as much as I do? Every time I order Mexican food, I must order guacamole. Later, I searched for the recipe and found that the method of guacamole is really simple. You can DIY it yourself and adjust it according to your own taste. Since then, you have lived a free life with guacamole.

Guacamole and egg pancake breakfast


Ripe avocado🥑, onion, coriander🌿, garlic, lemon🍋

All ingredients needed for making the guacamole


1. Wash the onion, coriander 🌿, two or three cloves of garlic and put them into a food blender.

Put them into a food processor

Mix these three ingredients and break them into smaller particles.

Break them into smaller pieces like these

(I used four medium-sized avocados 🥑, and one small onion, paired with two or three cloves of garlic. Friends who don’t like onions or garlic can reduce the amount appropriately)

2. Cut the ripe avocado 🥑 in half, scoop out the avocado 🥑 pulp.

Cut the avocado in halves

3. Toss the avocado with the chopped onion-cilantro mixture. You can adjust the ratio according to your own taste in this process.

Mix all the ingredients together

4. Squeeze in lemon juice while mixing. Add a few more drops if you like sourness, and less if you don't like it. Lemon juice can not only increase the flavor, but also delay the oxidation and blackening of the avocado 🥑.

Squeeze in the lemon juice for flavoring

5. Add salt and pepper according to personal taste and mix at the end. The result is a big bowl of guacamole that you can eat however you want.

Mixing in a big bowl

It can be used to match Mexican food, make some tacos, or something. It can also be used as a daily breakfast sauce, spread on bread or omelets, it is rich in nutrition and tastes great.

It can be matched with flatbreads as breakfast

It can also be served with homemade sushi rolls. Together, the taste is ironic and the taste is rich in layers. At the same time, there are all healthy ingredients, which are friendly to sugar rise.

Guacamole with homemade sushi