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Iced tea recommendations

March 22, 2022
Can you somehow manage to survive the day without a refreshing iced tea? If you can’t, keep reading and find out what are the most popular iced teas available. I suggest you read our guide carefully and get inspired for your next order.

Today, many people drink and enjoy iced tea. It has become so popular, that it became almost a must-have at summer picnics amongst children and even adults.

Many prefer iced tea rather than any other beverage because it is easy to make, not as sweet but it still consists of sugars because nowadays people like the sweeter taste of drinks. Others might argue that the iced tea does not last as long anyway as fruit juice or sugar syrup; so it tastes better when trying to drink it fast.

Iced tea brings relief from a stressful day and will refresh you. They are also refreshing so they can help you when you’re feeling rundown and irritable in the scorching sun on a sweltering day. Furthermore, due to their low-calorie content, iced tea is also a good idea for people who need to watch their weight. Iced tea can help you sleep better. Drinking iced tea before bedtime will help you relax and slow your heart rate down, leading to a more restful night’s sleep.

Iced tea with lime and fig

Iced tea has been shown to offer relief from stress, making it more beneficial for older adults and kids. In a 2007 study published in the journal "International Journal of Stress Management", cold-brewed iced tea was shown to provide relief from stress. Dr. K.D. Vohs, a professor at the University of Minnesota and coauthors found that people who consumed cold tea reported feeling significantly less stressed than those who drank room temperature or hot teas.

It should also be noted that this drink is also extremely easy to prepare, specifically a pot of iced tea can be made in only around 3 minutes. Iced tea is available year-round at corner stores or convenience stores.

Iced tea is no longer just a drink. Added ingredients in the drink make it an ideal dessert on a hot summer day. You can enjoy it to the fullest extent because it is healthy, delicious, and very refreshing. There is even a new trend of iced teas with alcohol. Alcoholic iced teas are crushed mint leaves, lime juice, and rum, whiskey or vodka poured over ice. Each person gets their own glass of drink to enjoy a delicious treat.

Adagio Iced Teas

Adagio has been making a variety of iced tea since 1995, spanning from plain leaf to herbal, black, flavored, or seasonal. There are several flavors available for use, there is even green iced tea for those who want healthier beverages. Adagio offers a wide selection of highly caffeinated Iced Tea blends as well!

iced tea companies are marketing their products as an alternative to coffee. With the recent change in weather, iced tea companies are trying to get people excited to drink their products. Iced tea is often a cheaper and healthier option than coffee, which makes it appealing to customers with a busy schedules.

One of the best ways to drink this refreshing drink is with Adagio Tea. Customers can order either an iced tea on their website, in a bottle, or in a jar. They offer various flavors, but customers can also select from - citrus mint green iced tea, berry blast iced tea, mango iced tea, Irish breakfast iced tea, blood orange iced tea, peach serenity iced tea, dragon fruit dream iced tea, mango green iced tea, and so much more! It is immensely refreshing after a long summer day where you did nothing but relaxes!