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How to Plant Lemon By Yourself

June 7, 2022
You can plant lemon in your house by giving it a sunny spot near the front door or by planting it in pots on the patio. If you give them enough light and water, they will grow into large trees that provide tons of fruit for you to enjoy!

Planting is really addicting, I want to use it to see if I can grow it. It doesn't matter, just enjoy the process and watch it germinate from the seed and then grow up, very fulfilling.

 Lemon is a citrus fruit that is widely used in cooking. It can be used to make a refreshing drink or as an ingredient in many dishes. You can plant lemon trees at home to grow your own lemons.

It's easy to plant a lemon tree in your garden or backyard, but you will need some basic tools and knowledge to do it properly.

When you're ready to plant, here are some steps you'll need to follow:

- Make sure the soil has good drainage and pH balance

- Add compost

- Make sure the soil is moist but not wet

- Plant the tree about 3 feet deep and about 4 feet apart from each other

Planting method 

1. Buy a lemon in the supermarket, be careful not to cut the seeds when cutting, take out the seeds, and soak them in water for a day

2. After soaking in the water, peel off the outer layer of white skin, leaving the brown seeds inside

Soak lemon seeds then remove the membrane

3. Find a container, put wet kitchen paper in it, put the peeled seeds on it, then cover it, and put it in a warm place to wait for germination. Check it every day to keep the paper towel moist

Place the seeds on moisture paper towel
Germination process

4. After the roots grow, you can directly bury them in the soil. After watering, cover the flowerpot with plastic wrap to keep the soil moist. When green shoots grow, you can remove the plastic wrap and take them to the sun. I forgot to take pictures at this step, after this, I just found a small flower pot, buried 5 of them in one pot, and 4 of them sprouted. When I remembered taking pictures, the lemons all grew leaves. If it is more straightforward, it is recommended to use one pot for one seedling, so that there is no need to divide pots later.

Lemon Seeds Sprouting

5. Water scientifically after the leaves grow, and it’s good to see dry and wet. The seedlings are looking so good~

Lemon Sprouts
Lemon Sprouts at Home

When the seedlings are bigger, I will replant them in a pot and a container. I'll update it when this phase comes