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Homemade Pad Thai | Easy Halal Recipes

February 25, 2023
Pad Thai is a popular dish from Thailand that can easily be made at home. It's a great option for anyone looking for an easy and delicious meal. This recipe will show you how to make authentic Pad Thai with simple ingredients and steps. With just a few adjustments, you can make this classic dish in the comfort of your own home. Get ready to enjoy the flavors of Thailand with this homemade Pad Thai!

Pad Thai is a Thai dish that is familiar to sisters who love Thai food, and it is also a dish that I like very much.

However, during the 2 years of the epidemic, I basically didn't go out to eat during this period. Several favorite Thai restaurants have closed down. My heart hurts!

As a last resort, I started to grope to make Pad Thai, and I personally think it is quite successful. This dish looks simple, but it takes a lot of work to make, so I just wrote an article to share the recipe!

1. Ingredients and seasoning preparation:

110g dried pho, 6 sea prawns, 5 shallots, 50g dried radish, 150g firm tofu, 2 eggs, a small handful of leeks, a small handful of bean sprouts, a little chopped peanuts, a little fried garlic, a little chili powder, half of lime

Let's take a group photo of ingredients and seasonings

all the ingredients for Pad Thai

2. Preliminary preparation

1. Prepare a fried rice noodles sauce:

Take a bowl, take 2 tablespoons of tamarind paste, 1.5 spoons of soy sauce, 2 spoons of fish sauce, 2 spoons of water, 40g of coconut sugar and mix well

2. Soak the dried rice noodles in warm water for 45 minutes.

3. Frying

1. Make the Hor Fun sauce:Put coconut sugar in a hot pan and stir-fry to dissolve, add all the seasoning juice, fry until it becomes thicker, put it in a bowl and set aside.

melt the coconut sugar
pour in the mixed sauce
mixed sauces

2. Fried Shrimp

Fry the prawns in hot oil and set aside.

frying the pawns

Another group photo of semi-finished ingredients

ingredients before second cooking

3. Put some more oil into the tofu, and fry the tofu until it is all golden;

frying tofu
frying tofu until golden brown

3. Put some more oil into the tofu, and fry the tofu until it is all golden;

add onions

5. Add egg liquid and stir fry evenly, then add rice noodles and rice noodles sauce, continue to stir fry evenly;

add egg liquid and stir fry

6. When the rice noodles are cooked, add bean sprouts and chives at the end, and continue to stir-fry! Stir all ingredients together and serve!

Stir fry everything

7. Last but not least, don’t forget our shrimp! Put the fried prawns, crushed peanuts, fried garlic, chili powder (you can leave it out if you don’t like spicy food) and half a lime on the fried rice noodles, stir well, and eat!

Homemade Pad Thai