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Homemade Delicious Mung Bean Cake

March 30, 2023
Mung bean cake is a delicious and nutritious dessert that is easy to make at home. It's made with mung beans, sugar, and other ingredients, resulting in a moist and flavorful cake that can be enjoyed by everyone. This recipe will show you how to make a homemade mung bean cake that is sure to please your taste buds. With its sweet flavor and creamy texture, this cake will be the star of any dinner or gathering. So let's get started on this delicious homemade mung bean cake!

I saw a prescription on the Internet today, and I thought it was good, so I tried it myself, and it was delicious.Of course, in accordance with the principle that you can’t get fat by yourself, I will give some to my neighbors and friends to eat as usual.

Here's how to make it:

Mung bean stuffing: (I don’t know how many mung beans, the original recipe didn’t say, but I measured it, the soaked mung beans are about 1000g, I made 30 mung bean cakes, and used about 500g noodles)

Soak the mung beans overnight, then put them in the pot and steam them

Add 40g of sugar, if you don’t like sweetness, you can omit it at all, add sugar according to your own taste, mine is not very sweet)

a stick of butter

Stir well

Then roll each stuffing into 40g balls


Low gluten flour 250g

Yeast powder 3g

olive oil 30g

Baking powder 2g

120g water

White sugar 5g

Knead into small dough blocks, no need to ferment, keep it at rest for a while

Noodles about 20g

Knead the mung bean filling into the dough

Use the tiger's mouth method to put it away

Put it in an oil-free non-stick pan or electric baking pan and fry until cooked

Homemade green bean cake
a lot of filling inside
cooking the green bean cake
after putting the green bean cake on the griller
Same weight and size green bean cake