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Healthy and refreshing spicy chicken shreds | Easy Halal Recipes

March 25, 2023
This easy Halal recipe will make you a fan of spicy chicken shreds. It is a healthy and refreshing way to enjoy this popular dish. This recipe is perfect for those who are looking for an easy and delicious meal that is also Halal-friendly. With simple ingredients, this recipe will be sure to satisfy your taste buds! So get ready to enjoy this tasty and healthy dish that can be made in no time!

An Easy, Delicious Way to Use Up Chicken

The spicy shredded chicken is refreshing

With a few simple common seasonings

Delicious and healthy, a good helper for fat loss and weight loss

Simple method

1. Shred cooked chicken (especially the leftover grilled chicken, which is most suitable for consumption in this way)

2. Cucumber 🥒 cut into thin strips

3. Coriander cut into small pieces

4. Take out various seasonings from Yami, especially Jinzhen Soy Sauce that is not too salty + sour Donghu Old Mature Vinegar + delicious Yumi Enoki Mushroom, you can also add a little old godmother and a little extra lost salt

5. Mix well and serve

The shredded chicken made in this way is full of flavor

At the same time, it is low in calories and fat, full of protein and strong in satiety

The accompanying cucumber 🥒 coriander 🌿 adds refreshing feeling


Clever use of enoki mushrooms

Especially the seasoning oil left when Flammulina velutipes is almost finished

Don't waste it, just add it to the mix

A little bit of Yumei spicy oil adds the finishing touch to your dish

Add a unique spicy taste

spicy chicken shreds
mix and eat
sliced cucumber into strings
chicken strings
shredded cilantro
Enoki mushroom
pour in the vinegar