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Grilling lamd, leek, quail eggs, and homemade gluten

May 14, 2023
Grilling is a great way to cook lamb, leek, quail eggs and homemade gluten. It adds flavor to the food, making it more enjoyable to eat. Grilling can also be used to create interesting dishes with these ingredients. Lamb, for example, can be grilled in a marinade or served with a side of vegetables and herbs. Leek can also be grilled and served as part of a salad or as an accompaniment to other dishes. Quail eggs are often cooked in their shells on the grill for an interesting presentation. Homemade gluten-free recipes are also available that take advantage of the flavors created by grilling these ingredients. With some creativity and practice, grilling these ingredients can become a regular part of any diet!

Since buying this little grill

Not to mention three small barbecues a day

There is still a small barbecue for three days🤣

No skewers this time

It's not bad to do some miscellaneous things

Halal lamb spine grill

Pre-marinated with onion, egg white, shredded ginger and cumin powder overnight

the meat is so tender

Wrap the bones in tinfoil while baking

Halal lamb is really good for grilling

very tender and delicious

Quail eggs

Cooked and Skewered

Finally, the tiger skin is roasted and sprinkled with barbecue ingredients

Family members who don't like quail eggs are full of praise

Be careful when you eat it, the egg yolk burns your mouth


Blanch leeks for a minute

Put the two together and roll them up

Secure with two sticks

Sprinkle dry ingredients directly after baking

Absolutely the king of roasted vegetables

Homemade gluten

And the homemade gluten

Baked and crispy on the outside after brushing with olive oil

Baked Gluten Free Made Easy!

lamb grill
before grill
Grill a variety of things
spice up the lamb
They are very delicious
cumin, chilli powder and sesame