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Fried Ginger Rice Tea

November 13, 2022
Ze Ze

Ginger rice tea has the functions of warming the uterus and the stomach, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and removing grease. Drink a spoonful of water every day.

Ingredients: Rice, Ginger


1. Clean the ginger, peel it, and then cut the ginger into shreds

2. Wash the rice and drain the water

3. Put the pan on a low heat and put it in the ginger pan and stir fry until the ginger is 80% dry.

4. Add in the rice and stir fry until the ginger and rice are golden brown and ready to serve. It takes about 1 hour before and after.

5. After the ginger rice tea is cool, put it in the bottle and take it as you go.

Every night, soak a spoonful of ginger rice tea in a thermos cup with boiling water, and you can drink it the next morning.

Freshly made fried ginger rice
Thin and dry ginger strings
Pour boiled water inside to make tea
Ready to drink tea