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Explosive modification of hello fresh | North African eggs are a must for breakfast

March 19, 2023
Hello Fresh is a meal delivery service that has revolutionized the way people think about breakfast. With its explosive modification of North African eggs, Hello Fresh has become a must-have for breakfast lovers all over the world. This recipe utilizes traditional North African ingredients such as cumin, coriander, and paprika to create a unique flavor that is sure to make your morning meal stand out. Not only are these eggs easy to prepare, but they are also incredibly nutritious and full of healthy fats and proteins. Try this delicious dish today and you won't be disappointed!

I picked up Hello Fresh’s wool once before, and chose a vegan food package. I couldn’t really love it when I opened it, so I decided to change the ingredients inside and develop new dishes!

The first thing to do is to eat Kuaishou North African eggs for one person:

raw ingredient:

Hello Fresh prepared:

Canned Tomatoes 🥫red pepper





Add it yourself:


Feta Cheese (I was lazy and used the own Parmesan)


1. Garlic cloves, red peppers and onions are cut into cubes, and stir-fried in hot oil

2. Add tomato paste and stir-fry until the juice comes out, season with salt, cumin and red pepper powder

3. Beat in an egg, cover a plate with medium-low heat and stuff it for a while, and put the bread slices on the plate to heat it up4. Open the lid, add chopped parsley and cheese, and start!

Egg yolk runny with bread is a must!

North Africa Egg
All the ingredients from Hello Fresh
Making the sauce
Put the eggs on the bread