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Essential for weight loss and fat reduction|Low calorie, low salt, 0 fat deficiency, canned tuna in water🥫

October 27, 2022
Trader Joe's canned tuna is a great option for those looking to lose weight and reduce fat. The food is low calorie, low salt, and has zero fat deficiency. Tuna is also essential for building strong muscles.

This must be recommended to friends who want to lose weight and lose fat!

🥫Trader Joe's Canned Tuna in Water 💰$1.99


1. Water-immersed low-calorie, although there is no oil-immersed canned fragrance, but relatively low-calorie, 110-130 calories per can, excellent!

2. Low-salt, according to the color of canned packaging, it is divided into four versions: no salt (red), low salt (purple), salt (blue), and sea salt (green).

🥀Disadvantages: If you like heavy taste food, you will feel that it has no taste and is not fragrant enough

👍👍Most Recommended: Green Can  

👍👍 Green can: Low-calorie and delicious, the most recommended! With sea salt, the salt content is 360 mg, 110 calories per can, and the taste is better than other colors.

🔴Red can: No additional salt is added at all, the salt content of 70 mg is the salt content of the tuna itself, which can be shared with the children at home. It has almost no taste, can be used as a seasoning ingredient, 130 calories/can.

🟣Purple jar: a small amount of salt is added, the salt content is 140 mg, 130 calories/can.

🔵Blue can: add salt, the salt content is 360 mg, although the salt content is the same as the green can with sea salt, but it is saltier than the green can. 130 cal/can.

🌈 Vignette 🌈 A few years ago, my uncle was sued because of the lack of virtue in this canned food, and he paid a high amount of compensation, because the amount of canned food was insufficient. It is estimated that the portion should be sufficient now, but the price is also a bit expensive.

What it looks like when you open them
Each one has different salt level