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Cucumber Classification | Eight Common Cucumber Types in North America

March 4, 2023
Cucumbers are a popular and versatile vegetable that can be found in many dishes. There are eight common cucumber types in North America, each with its own unique characteristics. This article will provide an overview of the different types of cucumbers, their classification and uses. We will also discuss the differences between them and how to identify them in the grocery store or garden. Finally, we will look at some tips for growing cucumbers successfully at home.

Many fruits and vegetables in the United States are not bad, but cucumbers don’t taste very good for some reason. I can’t explain the reason. I decided to surf the Internet to learn and increase my knowledge.

The two basic types are suitable for fresh fresh cucumbers and pickling pickled cucumbers, and then smooth and prickly varieties can also be seen according to the skin。

types of cucumbers

🥒Kirby Cucumber

Appearance: Cucumbers are short (usually 6 inches or less) with stout fruit that is a mixture of yellow and dark green in color, with thin, bumpy skin and small, indistinct seeds

Taste: Very crunchy, mild flavor

Good for: pickles, salads and salads

🥒Gherkins Cucumber

Appearance: Small, stout cucumber about 2-3 inches long with light green, bumpy skin

Taste: Mild and sober

Good for: pickles, Bloody Mary decorations, cornichons

🥒Lemon Cucumber

Appearance: Similar in size and color to a lemon, with thin skin that turns golden yellow when ripe

Taste: The pulp becomes sweet and crisp, the seeds are soft and not bitter

Good for: Pickles, Smoothies, and Aguas Frescas

🥒Armenian Cucumber

Appearance: 11-15 inches long, thin and curved shape, dark green or chartreuse rind

Taste: soft seeds, crunchy pulp

Good for: salads, sushi and sandwiches

🥒English Cucumber

Appearance: It is famous for its thin skin and few or no seeds. American supermarkets often sell it wrapped in plastic bags. It is dark green in color and has interlayers at both ends.

Taste: Mild, sweet taste

Good for: Any raw way

🥒American Cucumber

Appearance: Dark green cucumber, 8-10 inches long, may have a yellow patch on top, rind is often waxed to prevent water lossTaste: sweet and juicy

Good for: salads, cucumber-lime sauces, good with salmonKyuri/Japanese CucumbersAppearance: A dark green, elongated variety with small seeds and a thin skin with small bumps

Taste: Deliciously sweet and crispGood for: salads or garnishes, bento boxes, sushi and sashimi

🥒Persian Cucumber

Appearance: Similar to the British breed, but their skin can be somewhat bumpy and come in different sizes

Taste: thin skin, mild taste, full and firm

Good for: on pizza, or juiced in popsicles

cross section of cucumbers
Variety of cucumbers