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Carbon steel wok recommendation

March 17, 2022
We recommend this carbon steel wok by Excegucok as it is beautifully designed, easy to clean, and has good quality. Take it home to cook delicious food!

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A wok is a high-quality pan coming from China, with high adaptability and convenience. The basic needs for cooking rice, boiling water, or frying noodles can be expressed perfectly by a wok. With food-grade carbon steel manufacturing material, the product can withstand ultra-high heat and its surface design is perfect to make the wok nonsticky to prevent onion peel off.

This Chinese wok has an anti-scalding handle and a sharp tip for easy pouring of soup, and the design details are very thoughtful. The wok is made of high-quality carbon steel and can withstand ultra-high heat. And its surface adopts a honeycomb design to reduce food sticking to the pan, reduce scratches, and maintain the beauty of the pan. Can be used for any stove, such as an electric stove, induction stove, gas stove, etc.

What makes the carbon steel wok unique is its anti-scalding handle and sharp tip for easy pouring of soup. It also has design details to make it look classy, so it is much more attractive than the other works on the market. This wok is also made of a special material that resists high temperature making it safe to use. So, if you are looking for a wok that is durable and attractive at an affordable price, then this wok will serve you well. We recommend this non-sticker-coated cast iron cookware.

with Carbon Steel Wok's multifunctional wok pan, cooking fresh and healthy meals becomes a dream. Ideal for both home cooking and professional chef use, the steel construction of our woks is both heavy-duty and extremely durable.

According to the customers, all the other pans in the kitchen have felt used and grimy. However, when using the carbon steel pan it doesn't stick to the food or burn anything. 

Things you should know about carbon steel and why it is so good for cooking:

Carbon steel is composed primarily of iron, with typically under 6% at most carbon, and often 25% manganese. The carbon content in the steel provides hardness and helps increase wear resistance carbon steel is very sharp and is good for cutting. Carbon steel is the most common form of steel. This material takes on a wok role- cooking food in the pan. With its multi-layer construction that provides both long-term durability and good performance, it can be used for cooking with high temperatures or for colder dishes. Carbon steel surfaces are non-reactive and do not undergo unwanted chemical reactions or swelling when heated at high temperatures. Woks also offer some insulation from rapid temperature changes to help prevent hot spots which cause uneven cooking

Carbon steel woks are great for stir-frying, braising, and making soups. They are also great for cooking vegetables and potatoes with a lot of oil or butter as well as short-order dishes where food is quickly cooked.

Cast iron woks are excellent for searing, frying, and pan-frying, as well as making a variety of sauces and stews. The cast iron retains the heat well. All-Clad woks (steel or aluminum) are heavy, durable, and heat evenly and distribute the heat to the underside of the pan more efficiently than thinner pans. All-clad metal woks are perfect for use on an electric stove, as they conduct electricity well.