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A must for coffee lovers 🔛Buydeem Pour Over Coffee Pot

January 31, 2023
If you're a coffee lover, then Buydeem Pour Over Coffee Pot is a must-have for your kitchen. This stylish and modern-looking pot is designed to make the perfect cup of pour-over coffee with ease. It comes with an adjustable flow rate and temperature control, allowing you to customize your brew according to your preferences. The integrated filter ensures that all the grounds are filtered out of your cup, giving you a smooth and flavorful cup of coffee every time. With its easy-to-clean design and quick setup, Buydeem Pour Over Coffee Pot is the perfect choice for any coffee enthusiast looking for a convenient way to make delicious pour over coffee.

Buydeem Pour-Over coffee pot

I have always want to try products in particular. Buydeem's products are of good quality, high in appearance, and very practical. As a coffee lover, there is nothing better than starting your day with a cup of hot coffee. Let's take a look at this Buydeem water brewing coffee pot with me👇

1️. Appearance & Material:

The one I received was avocado green stainless steel. The swan neck spout design is elegant and elegant. Made of stainless steel and BPA Free, it is safer to use, conducive to environmental protection and easy to clean.The body of the pot is wide and narrow at the bottom, which is beneficial to increase the stability of water pressure. The professional swan-neck spout design makes it easier for you to control the water flow speed, so as to make a cup of rich and mellow coffee. The handle of the jug adopts a non-slip design for added safety. It feels great in the hand and doesn't get hot.

2️. Capacity:

This coffee pot has a scale of 330ml and can hold 350ml of hot water. A pot of hot water is just enough to brew a cup of coffee, reducing water waste.

3️. Color:

This coffee maker comes in two colors, avocado green and gray. Both colors are simple and elegant, suitable for a variety of kitchen styles. Putting it on the table when not in use is also a unique decoration.

4️. Wide range of uses:

You can use this coffee pot to make a cup of rich and fragrant coffee, or you can use it to make a cup of tea. You can use it at home, or take it with you to the office, on a road trip, or in your dorm room. Simple and convenient, and easy to store.

5️. How to buy:

You can buy it on Amazon here, there is a 20% off the original price right now. .Friends who like it, hurry up, don't miss the chance of discount.

6️. How to use:

*Grind coffee, try to use medium-thickness coffee to avoid a lot of sugar-like precipitation.

* Heating water. You can use a stovetop or a kettle to heat it up.

* Put the filter paper in the filter cup and pour in the ground coffee, put the filter cup on top of the cup.

* Pour the hot water in the kettle into the hand brew pot, and slowly inject the hot water into the ground coffee layer

* Let the water in the filter cup continue to drip until it seems that there is no water

* Discard the paper filter and coffee grounds, remove and clean the filter cup, and you are ready to enjoy.

Buydeem pour over coffee pot
cozy greenish color
very cute outlook
size comparison with a coffee mug
stainless steel inside