In short about myself.

Education: Applied Physics/Applied Math

Hobbies: Web designing, drawing calligraphy

I never thought I would end up come out of college brimming with equations in my head, to be  designer of a food website, and I love it. It occurred to me that I never expressed the artistic side of myself, until friends and family noticed my Chinese calligraphy. I gave web designing a long try after a family member advised me to look in to it. Before I knew it, I was offered to join this team and create the best looking and functioning halal website ever.  I want people to taste the food with their eyes, move through the site effortless in curiosity. This is more than just than a website, its a world of tasteful creativity. the Morandi colors helps to give a therapeutic feeling as your stomach reacts to the sharp pictures. I always try to come up with ways to ease site visitor's experience, always trying to give new feel to the website. Enjoy the look, feel, and "taste" of my work here :).

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