In short about myself.

Education: Chemistry

Hobbies: Writing articles, experimental cooking

There are plethora of flavors I never would have tasted, had I not mixed and matched whatever was in my spice racket. This lead me to experiment different ways to add flavors, garnish plates, whatever makes my taste bud go through an amnesiac explosion of flavors. My academic background helped to ease in on food chemistry and focus on the right flavor combinations( obviously had some failed combinations that made me dry heave, all for you guys !) I would spam my group chat of whatever delicious concoction I came up with. What turned out to be just just pic with a caption, ended being essays of  explanations of that dish, historical roots, what different cultures of flavors were combined. It was not long until I got recruited to share my writing on a platform,, whose mission is to help to diversify many cultural halal dishes. I love knowing that there are so many halal dishes that can fuse to create such unique tastes such as Chinese/Middle Eastern ( ever had kung pao chicken with homemade tahini sauce and bite size falafels, no? That is a crime), to Spanish/Pakistan ( First time hearing Paella biriyani? Thank goodness you are here). There are so many crazy delicious experiments to make, and I hope I can push food daredevils turn their kitchen to a culinary lab, and begins to fuse flavors of thier own.

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