Food enthusiasts, culture seekers, and curious tase buds galore ! For those who wish to dive into this world of culinary fusion, this is where one can explore the international halal dishes. Halal doesn’t strictly need to be viewed only a religious perception, but a cultural one. That is our goal, to enlighten the people of the culinary background and encourage to take these recipes give a personal spin to it. Here, you will not find your usual street cart food, typical desi curries or a barrage of middle eastern food. This platform is meant to go beyond those stereotypical regions and state of mind, and introduce the halal flavors that many never knew existed.

Have your food questions not been answered yet? Are your questions too specific with answers being too vague?
Here, you will find answers to many of the particular questions that our writers and professionals here have gone through. Some are personal experiences that we share here in order to help users connect and stay informed. We also have articles strictly focusing on giving accurate and resourceful facts. We welcome you to connect with us through our writing, stay informed with our articles, and open to any ideas you have for us to research and write about food.

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Suhayma Suha
Has been cooking and baking for 5 years.
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Bai Chao
Has been cooking and baking for 20 years.
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